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Camp NaNo2013 (aka, my post on my insane April 2013)

I’ll begin with, yes I’m insane. I have been tested and my classmates confirm it too 😉

Now we have that out of the way these are my plans for April 2013:

– Camp NaNo in reverse NaNo style

– finish up my dissertation

– release Black Sheep: Fighting for a Future.

So, from top to bottom:

Camp NaNo.

Reverse NaNo is a technique in which you write a lot of words at the start of NaNo and the count goes down as the month goes on. This is rough for the first while but you’ll be way ahead of the wordcount in only a few days and it makes it a lot easier when the book gets harder to write. I talked about this technique in my NaNo2012 post here: Reverse NaNoWriMo

It worked wonders for me last time, slightly too well as I finished in only 11 days… don’t think I’ll be able to pull that off this time, but I can always hope 😛

Just a little maths on how many hours I’ll have to write to do reverse NaNo the way it is set out:

– I write 600 words in each 20 minute sprint.
– I do 2 20 minute sprints an hour (10 minute breaks inbetween).
– day 1 is 3346 words, rounded up to the closest 600 words is 3600.

That is 6 sprints to complete the first day. Counting back that is 3 hours of work. 3 hours and I’ll have finished a day’s work of reverse NaNo.
By day 4 that has already gone down to 2,5 hours, day 10 I’ll only need 2 hours worth of writing.

That does sound very doable, right?

So, do I have a plan yet? Well, it is going to be a lighter story then Otherkin Spirits 1 & 2. It will play during the summer, it will be paranormal + another genre and it will probably have a combinations of two from werewolves, blood vampires, energy vampires and magicians. I’m leaning towards either werewolf + magician or blood vampire + magician.

That is what I’ve got, though I remember that is also what I had last NaNo around this same time, only difference is that I’m in the middle of edits for Otherkin Spirits 1: Disturbed Fate so I don’t have a lot of free time.



it’s a 10500 word dissertation, I’ve finished 4250 of it already, deadline is on the 26th of April. I don’t actually worry too much just yet, I only have about 1000 words left of theory and the rest of it will be my own short story and a critical commentary of that. I’m feeling pretty good about it ^^


Black Sheep: Fighting for a Future release

Yep, last book in the Black Sheep Trilogy will be released on the 10th of April, you can check out the page for it here:

Once again there will be a blog tour, I’m looking forward to it, loads of interesting questions and things ^^

Also I reduced the price for the first book to $0.99 since the trilogy is now finished.


Read on!



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