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Aaaaand another giveaway! This time focussing on a slightly different aspect of my writing. All the stories have gay main characters though the genres are all “dark” ranging from paranormal erotica to horror and other halloween-y types of books.

Please don’t enter when you’re not 18 yet, quite a few of these titles are steamy (as you can guess from the covers).

Check out (or don’t check out) all the titles below and then click the Raffelcopter link to sign up! When you follow a twitter profile or like a facebook page you get 2 lots into the draw and each time you tweet about the giveaway you get 1 lot in the draw per day.

Not bad for one of the 55 copies in this giveaway, right?
Disturbed Fate by Kia Zi Shiru Disturbed Connections by Kia Zi Shiru Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within by G. Wakeling Birth Rite by X. Aratare The Bodyguard (Book1 of The Artifact) by X. Aratare Bisexual Werewolf Dominance by Jen Harker Gay Vampire Cumslut by Jen Harker Sunday's Child by Lex Valentine Pricolici by Alicia Nordwell Supernature: Paranormal Stories From The Wittegen Press Giveaway Games by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake The Need In Me by Sophie Duncan An Amusement (The Vampire's Concubine #1) by Sophie Duncan The End of The Journey (The Hidden War #1) by Sophie Duncan Forgotten Soul (The Soul Reader #1) by Tasha D-Drake Forbidden Soul (The Soul Reader #2) by Tasha D-Drake Fortunate Soul (The Soul Reader #3) by Tasha D-Drake Chip Off the Old Block? by Tasha D-Drake The Trade by Tasha D-Drake Out of the Frying Pan by Tasha D-Drake Face of the Dead by Tasha D-Drake My Fair Vampire by S. L. Danielson and Julie Lynn Hayes The Cross and the Black 1 by Luwa Wande The Cross and the Black 2 by Luwa Wande

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Thanks so much for participating!

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Gay Halloween Giveaway!!! 14-29th of October!!

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Gay men and how I like them best

Due to the amazing thing that is the internet, the kindle and (self)publishing I feel I need to write this post about something that really really bugs me and leaves me not reading about half the books I get on my kindle.

Crappy gay books

There, I said it and now I’ll explain what I mean with that.

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This weeks updates: Smashwords, Black Sheep and Online Publishing

This week I’ve updated multiple of my blogs, here is just a list to bring them all together.


The first one is a post that is interesting for people with ereaders. Smashwords is holding a promotion this week that is part of “read an ebook week”. Indie writers offer their books at a reduced price or even for free, even if you don’t read a lot, check it out, sometimes you only need a little encouragement to start reading a new writer.

Smashwords Promotion!

Post can be found on Blogspot and WordPress.


The second one is a bi-weekly update of course, my ongoing series called Black Sheep has updated tot he second chapter of the last part of the story.

 Black Sheep Part 3, Chapter 2

On a sidenote, Black Sheep is also available at Booksie. If you like to read a chapter a day this is a good way to catch up with the story. I upload 1 chapter each day until I have reached the same chapter as the other places. If you’re interested I’m at Part 1, Chapter 15 right now, come check it out.


The third one ties in quite a bit with Black Sheep, as it is a guide for writers (like me) who publish online to websites like FictionPress, FanFiction, Booksie and other places where you can upload your chapters/stories for free. It deals with mechanics of writing stories (not the grammar and punctuation but how to find the right POV and how to format dialogue) and how to find readers for your work. The first instalment is now online.

Guide for online published stories, Part 1

WordPress and Blogspot





Black Sheep, an online serial by Kia Zi Shiru can be found on WordPress and Blogspot


Fun in the shower (gay erotica)[1st draft]

Fun in the shower
(draft 1)
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