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holidailies 20: Fav Game Music

So, early post a day late since I was too exhausted last night to actually do one. Today I’ll share some of my fav game music.

I always like it when my boyfriend plays these games just because the intro and the in-game music is so awesome.

#1. Sengoku Basara: Samurai HeroesThere are two versions of this song so I’ll share them both, the original Japanese version and the English version. Artist: TM Revolution. Song: Naked Arms
Japanese live version (somehow I can’t seem to find the opening in Japanese at this moment):

English song opening version:


#2. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
I never heard of this before my boyfriend bought the game but even though the game itself holds no interest to me, the music and sounds in it are super cute and weird.
Artist: ???. Song: Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen.


#3. Dragon’s DogmaA new favourite of mine, very catchy and the song also plays during the start screen.
Artist: B’z. Song: Into Free -Dangan-


That is it for now. Now I’m off getting some work done 🙂

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Holidialies 5: quick update

Just a quick post since I’m going to bed early today.

I’ll be going home for Christmas tomorrow so I did a lot of packing and cleaning and other stuff for the past 2 days. And I didn’t come up with something interesting to share today, so here are two thing that I like.

The first is the cover of Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past which will be released next Wednesday:


The second thing is an awesome Christmas song, just because I’m in the mood for it 🙂

I’m hoping I can write a post tomorrow morning before I leave 🙂

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Holidailies 4: Now what?


Damn, I had so many hits on my blog from yesterday, I totally didn’t expect that, now I feel pressure to come up with something equally interesting today, though I think that won’t work that well.

Today I spend a lot of time cleaning the house and my room and do other things I need to take care of before going home in 2 days. I don’t really know anything to write today.

Well, my plan was to write about one of my hobbies today but WordPress is being difficult with posting pictures today so I’ll leave that for the time being. I’ve got some more things to do today so I’m not gonna spend hours on trying to find out why WordPress is being difficult.

So here is Music part 2: Awesome Live acts.

Acid Black Cherry. The vocalist Yasu has been an artist since the late 90s and even though I find his videoclips and cd versions only mediocore he has an enchanting live presence and I love listening to his live concerts while writing.

One of my favorite songs is Maria, a very lovely almost haunting song.

One of the other songs I really like is 20 century boys.

They are so upbeat and alive and I always feel energetic while listening to them.


My next band is Royz, I listed them in the other blog post too, Holidailies 2, but they are more lovely during lives then they are in their clips. They have a lot of energy and a lot of interaction with both each other and the public.

Joker is one of my fav songs from them during lives.

Another one of my fav live songs by them, Area.


I of course can’t forget the guy that got me into Japanese music to begin with, Gackt. I don’t think he needs more introduction than that he is one of the big favourites amongst people who love fanservice.

This song was originally released (and performed in 1999), and has (apparently) been part of almost every show he has done since. The one above is from 2010, I’ll also link the first live appearance of the song I can find below. Gackt (like Yasu) is a late 90s artist.

I think that’s enough for today 😉 I’ll try to come up with more some other day (unless of course there are requests).

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