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A great piece about how making assumptions about a culture and way of living or for that matter a person or a personality can be more damaging than anything in the world.
Remember that people don’t exist of stereotypes and every person is a person in their own right.
Don’t hurt people. Take a step back and question yourself if you might be part of the problem, even if you didn’t think you were originally. Be honest to yourself. Have you possibly hurt people in the past with comments like this or attitudes which might have lessened the authenticity of one person?


Remember that every person is a person in their own right. They might conform to some stereotypes but people ARE NO stereotypes. People are people no matter gender, sexuality, colour or mental capacity. Everyone is a person in their own right and should not be made to feel less like the unique person they are just because they don’t confirm to the stereotypes you think they should.


Also in the same thought is my own post from a while ago:

Gay men and how I like them best Where I talk about stereotypes in m/m romance and assumptions some people have about gay men.

Songs of the Universal Vagabond

We’ve heard the term homophobic but how about being homo-ignorant? Even if you’re GLBTIIQ, even if you support those who are, might you be guilty?

The “ignorant” part of the word homo-ignorant is not to suggest someone is stupid, a moron or mentally challenged, but rather to suggest they simply do not know something accurately or haven’t thought a subject, topic, term, phrase, etc. through to understand what it can really mean though they’ve used it.  Regarding homo-ignorance, Aunt Martha (see this reference link) said, “I think it’s a very useful term to distinguish between people who can be educated, and those who are willful haters, no matter how nicely they try to gussy it up.”

It is not to minimize or directly compare itself to the seriousness of true homophobia, but in it’s way, homo-ignorance can be a broader, more insidious type of problem affecting people every…

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Gay men and how I like them best

Due to the amazing thing that is the internet, the kindle and (self)publishing I feel I need to write this post about something that really really bugs me and leaves me not reading about half the books I get on my kindle.

Crappy gay books

There, I said it and now I’ll explain what I mean with that.

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