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Why 50 is the number of 2011 and what my plans are for 2012!

50, yes, at the tender age of 23 my year number is 50. To prove to everybody, I am indeed 23 πŸ˜‰

That was my silly face after completing one of the 50s of this year πŸ™‚

Over all 2011 was a really good year. I finished my first year at university, I am now in the second year and it seems to be going all right. But that doesn’t have anything to do with my 50s of this year.

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Rift, my first week of playing

So, I’ve had the game for about a week now. YAY!

I’ve got to admit it’s even better than expected.

I had a bit of a false start on Friday morning when I was supposed to pick up the game and the internet just gave out on me at home. So I picked up the game about half an hour later than I planned to and immediately went to class. There I unpacked Pokemon Black, which I had also pre-ordered, and in the 60 minutes I have between my two blocks of classes I went home and installed and updated the game. To start playing when I got home again.
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Pokemon Black & White

So another blog, because the other awesome game coming out is Pokemon!
We are now on the 5th generation and even more features have been added, I will highlight some of the interesting things I have stumbled upon.

Your character
They seem to be older this time, in their teens instead of around 8 or 9 years old… This doesn’t really change anything for me, but I found it interesting anyway.

NEW Pokemon!
156 NEW Pokemon. Something we haven’t had since the first generation. None of these Pokemon are connected to the other generations and you will only encounter the older ones after you defeat the Elite Four or on the Dreamworld (more on that later).
I think they did a great job with this. They are all new Pokemon, some really cool ones some really cute ones. I also found there was a staggering amount of Ghost-type Pokemon. Which really rules!
Ofcourse, as always there are Pokemon which you can catch in one or the other, as usual.

New ways of encountering
Last time we could do double battles with some trainers, now we can actually encounter Pokemon in double battles, so always make sure you’ve got 2 good Pokemon in the first two slots. You encounter these double battles is higher grass and you will have to knock out one of them before you can catch the other, so watch out!
They other new way of encountering Pokemon are shaking areas these places will be different from other spots, grass will start to shake, earth will be dug up, all sorts of things. In these places you can find Pokemon you would normally not encounter in these spots.
Both options are quite interesting, I’m looking forward to see them.

New ways of battle
The first one we sort of already know, triple battles are like double battles but bigger, namely three instead of two. This method is mainly found in Pokemon White.
The other way is rotation battles, like triple battles you send out three Pokemon but they are put on a rotating disc and will only fight one on one. You can change what Pokemon you use at the beginning of the battle but the opponent can do this too.

Gold & Silver gave us day and night, Black & White gives us seasons. Some Pokemon can only be caught during a certain season and some even change form! The game will change too according to the season. Every season in game will be a month in real life.

Ingame multiplayer
You can now also connect with your friends and complete missions together. Walking together in one world will give a totally new experience!

There is more out there, but these are the interesting things I wanted to share now.
This game will come out in the EU on 4 March and US on March 6.



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Rift – continued

Today Rift came out in the US, about 7 hours ago the official launch was started.
The channel Syfy is broadcasting 15, 30 and 60 second comercials for it all day, among other things.
This seems to become a really big thing.

Alas, I’m in the EU so I’ll have to wait for another couple of days.
But that doesn’t mean I can’t make another blog about some things I heard about after the last one I wrote.

Artifacts and collections
You can collect artifacts and other items to exchange for loot. YAY!
This can be done in rifts but also when you wander around the area. I’m someone who loves to just explore the place, not even fight monsters but to find all the hidden gather spots and stuff like that. For me this has just become a lot more interesting.
I can’t find if you can turn in one collection multiple times but I would guess so.
The reward is a bag of stuff, it holds Lucky Coins(s) and/or other rewards. As far as I’ve heard the rewards can range from a couple of potions to blue and purple items.
Lucky coins can later be traded for mounts and vanity items.

Zone Wide Event
Sometimes the whole zone will be in trouble, rifts will spawn everywhere, spitting out monster after monster. They will take over towns and destroy everything.
The whole zone will have to work together to close all these rifts. Making this one of the biggest badass events you can find.
There will be monsters en bosses spawning all over the place. So cool!
This vid will show more:

Not a lot of stuff this time. Sorry, but I didn’t want to not mention both of these things I had found.


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Hi all,

I thought I’d start out with one of the 2 games that come out next week. First will be Rift!

In the US Rift will launch on March 1 and in the EU on March 4. Since I’m EU I will pick my copy up Friday morning when the shops open. Right before going to class.
Rift is a new MMORPG, they take the interesting things for existing MMORPG’s and have created a totally new idea with it. At least that is what I think πŸ˜‰

Character and Classes
Like many other MMORPG’s you choose a character and a class, or calling in this game. But unlike other games this is not where it ends. In Rift you then choose a subclass, or soul in this game, and in the first couple of levels you choose another 2 souls. Yes, another two. Rift is built upon roles which houses 3 souls in it, all from one calling. After you get out of the newbie zone you can collect, by doing quests, the other 5 souls to swap around in your role or buy a new role to tinker with. By the end of the game you can have up to 4 roles with each a different combination of souls in them.
This means you can have a different role when you PvE on your own or one specially for PvP, or anything you like, as long as you keep within your calling. I could do the maths how many choices you would have but I think saying it’s A LOT is enough.

One role filled with 2 souls

Okay here is the maths :
4 roles X 8 souls X 7 souls (8 soulds – 1st choice) X 6 souls (8 souls – 1st choice – 2nd choice) = 1344 possible choices for one character.
or 336 choices for one role.

That is a lot of choice in comparison to some other MMORPG’s.
So to sum it up: you choose one calling (class) at the start of the game. Within that calling you choose your first soul (subclass) when you start and before level 10 you fill your role (spec) with 2 other souls, making it 3 for a full role. Before you reach endgame you can get another 3 roles to each fill with 3 souls. So nearing endgame you have a total of 4 roles with their own combination of 3 souls.
The closest I have played to this is Runes Of Magic where you can play two separate classes on one character, but they are mainly two separate classes with a couple of skills you could choose on your other class, Rift basically has 3 classes you play at any time.
Quite interesting.

Apart from questing, instances and dungeons, I don’t need to explain what those do and how those work, there is something that is called rifts.
From time to time the fabric between two dimensions might become wear and show tears. These can grow into Rifts at their own but players can also open them themselves. From a rift creatures will begin to spawn. They will try to create a foothold in the place to spawn more creatures and take over towns. If rifts from two different types meet they will start fighting each other but when the same type meets they will help each other.
To close the rift players have to fight all the mobs and the boss. This happens in multiple stages and the more you help the better your loot will be when they close it.
For me this sounded like public quests in Warhammer: Age of Recogning, which I loved. Apart from the fact that the Rifts are random the idea to quickly team up and work together with a small group of other players to get through a multi-staged “quest” seems the same. Upon completion you get special loot and points.

PvP will be in the open world and on warfronds (battlegrounds). These are the same as in most MMORPG’s
For me the interesting idea are things like the possibility to open rifts on other peoples sides of the world and run away and stuff like that.
Though being a big fan of Warhammer online I do miss the possibility to play PvP from the beginning levels and have special spots on the map in each zone (tier) to play PvP against others from early on. I might think otherwise when I actually play Rift but for now, I don’t know. I do hope they will bring out more warfronds as I love being able to have a choice in what I play.

Things like professions which involve gathering and crafting skills seems to bring nothing really new. But why fix things that aren’t broken?
I’m curious how well things like auctionhouses are going to work as I usually hang around on it a lot.

Overall I’m very exited to pic up the game next Friday and start playing it! I have heard good things about the game from headstart and beta players and am curious to find my own way in this world called Telara.


more videos:

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