Holidailies 29 : The changes I made in 2012

29 Dec

Before I write about what my plans are for 2013, I’m looking back for a moment on my life in 2012. My internet has been very nice today so this might be a longer post than the last couple of days 😉

Last year my number was 50 and this year my theme for the year is Good Things.

Picture from a couple of days ago when there was waaaay too much snow and I had to walk the dog:


This year is full of good things, some things I never thought I would be able to do/get but I got through the year without too much problems.

I didn’t keep to all my 2012 resolutions, but I don’t mind much, I’ve done other things that went really well and are more important than those resolutions. My resolutions for 2012 were like everybody else’s: go to the gym, eat healthy, sleep more. I only failed 1 of those (the gym one, because the Pound/Euro conversion was getting worse, so I didn’t have the spare money for it), the rest went fine and even some things went better.

This summer I finally found why I had such moodswings and bouts of depression, I can’t handle caffeine. Cola and energydrinks have always been my comfort food, which is why when I was feeling like I needed some comfort I got even more down. Since this summer I haven’t had any coffee, cola  or energydrinks, or other caffeine stuff. The only caffeine I (at most) drink in a day might be 2 cups of tea, but I’ve even cut down on that. I might look into caffeine free or low caffeine tea, but for now this works. And it makes me so much more productive. Of course, it hasn’t been easy but that is what you get for having caffeinated drinks as comfort foods. I always thought that because I don’t have any effects from the caffeine that there couldn’t be any negative side effects, but I was wrong in that. I’m (mostly) caffeine free now and a much happier person for it.

I also (mostly) quit smoking this summer, though that was more because I didn’t have anyone to smoke with and I only smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes a week. Until a few days ago I hadn’t smoked at all, but with New Years eve coming up I just like to have a pack. My luck with cigarettes (unlike caffeine) is that I’m not really addicted to it apart from some moments out of habit (like smoking between classes at uni and things like that).

Those are the health things, which isn’t that bad. I sleep more and usually keep to quite a decent sleeping schedule these days. Which makes me a much more happy person (usually) and productive (often).


My real changes this year were in my writing. I had a couple of writing goals set up at the start of the year and made most of them and changed some of them. I had a couple of projects running and will talk per project:

Black Sheep Trilogy: I wrote BS3 in about 3 months (quickest of all the BS novellas) and for most of the year I thought that would be the end of it. At the end of the summer I decided otherwise and not only created covers for all the books of the trilogy but also self-edited and then got a professional editor to look at book 1. I self-published Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past (Black Sheep Part 1) on Dec 12 this year. In the past 2 weeks I also self-edited the other 2 parts of Black Sheep and I’ll hopefully finish the short stories that go at the end of those ebooks before the new year starts. I had no plans of publishing Black Sheep when the year started because I focused more on Disturbed Fate, but now I’m glad I did.

Disturbed Fate: I started to do some work on this story at the start of the year but soon found out that I needed to change so much on it that it needed some separate time and I couldn’t do that while I wasn’t done with Black Sheep. I’m now almost fully finished with Black Sheep (apart from doing some release related things) so I can soon focus on this.

Writing things I hadn’t planned to happen at the start of the year:

Otherkin Spirits: Disturbed Fate was my NaNo 2011 novel and is now book 1 in the Otherkin Spirits series. This year for NaNo I wrote Disturbed Connections which will be the second book. They are not a series in the traditional sense of the word, they are same-world books and although I refer to some characters between the books they aren’t really follow up books. You can read either of them without needing the other to understand the story, they are self-contained stories. Where Disturbed Fate is a paranormal novel, Disturbed Connections is a romance novel. Both stories do take place in the same world and with the same “world rules”.

Magical Roads: A short story collection I put together from things I’ve written while at university. It was really interesting and fun to do this and I had a lot of fun trying to get my head around all the different parts of publishing and marketing.

Sean: Working title for my new story. Sean is one of the side characters from Disturbed Connections but the story won’t be part of the Otherkin Spirits series because I’m playing with more traditional vampire mechanics and things like that. It is still in a very early stage (9000 words) but I’m having fun with it between doing other things for my other stories.

Other things I’ve found out this year:

– I can write 1.000 words an hour if I set myself to it. (Tip, check out this guide how I do it: My trick to writing insane amounts a day… )

– I can edit up to 20.000 words a day if needed and possibly more.

– editing is easier if you don’t need to also pay attention to making sure the writing style is consistent.

– NaNo is very doable if you find the trick to writing 1.000 words an hour.

That is it for today 🙂

What were your plans for this year and how well did you do on them?

Read on!


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