holidailies 20: Fav Game Music

21 Dec

So, early post a day late since I was too exhausted last night to actually do one. Today I’ll share some of my fav game music.

I always like it when my boyfriend plays these games just because the intro and the in-game music is so awesome.

#1. Sengoku Basara: Samurai HeroesThere are two versions of this song so I’ll share them both, the original Japanese version and the English version. Artist: TM Revolution. Song: Naked Arms
Japanese live version (somehow I can’t seem to find the opening in Japanese at this moment):

English song opening version:


#2. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
I never heard of this before my boyfriend bought the game but even though the game itself holds no interest to me, the music and sounds in it are super cute and weird.
Artist: ???. Song: Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen.


#3. Dragon’s DogmaA new favourite of mine, very catchy and the song also plays during the start screen.
Artist: B’z. Song: Into Free -Dangan-


That is it for now. Now I’m off getting some work done 🙂

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