Holidailies 19: my sprint sheet

19 Dec

One of the first posts I made was about my #1 writing “cheat” sprinting. Today I’ll share a few pics where you can see how I keep track of my sprints.

The original post about what sprints are is here: Holidailies 3: My trick to writing insane amounts a day

To keep track of what I write during a sprint and so I can guess the time I still need to work in a day I keep track of each sprint on a page in a notebook. Here is the page for my most recent work Sean (named that for the moment, after the main character):


As you can see, the first column is the day and the time spans of the sprints. I keep the time of the day that I write in it because I think it’s encouraging for myself to see that I can write early if I put my mind to it 😉

The second column is the total amount of words I have at this moment. This is good to keep track of, I can see in one moment how much I’ve written in one day but it’s also just the total words for the project.

The third column is the actual amount of words written in a sprint. This I can simply calculate by subtracting the wordcount before the sprint from the one after the sprint. This is good to know because I can see if my writing rate goes up or down for a certain writing sprint time, though usually I have 300 words in 10 minutes.

I’m very aware I could have done this in excel, but I rather like the calmness of doing the calculations and writing them down.

Also, the extra columns on the page are for 2 rows more of the sprint times as you can see on my NaNoWriMo 2012 sprint sheet.


Here you can see all the rows filled and all the day numbers and word counts. Some of the days are shorter and some of the days are longer, but over all I only spend a few hours a day writing and got pretty good numbers from that (4000+ words). Here you can also see that I wrote down some names of secondary characters on the opposite page so I could remember who was who.

That is how I keep track of my writing for my stories, nice and easy and it gives me a better idea on how I could plan wordcounts at a future date.

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