Holidailies 17: I’m sharing a little bit of Christmas Magic

17 Dec

Since everybody is probably bored of hearing about how I did on my work today (very well, thank you 😉 Black Sheep 2 is at the editor now) I’m sharing some little bits and pieces of my creative work for you to read.

Before I forget it, I also did an update this morning about the most popular holidailies post to this moment: Holidailies 16: Halfway point

The first fits with the time of the year, my short Christmas story Christmas Present:

Every year he would come back to this place, this same old house. He still owned it after his parents death but he left it after his lovers death. His lover, his life, changed on that faithful night. His life became eternal and his lover left this place and time. But every year on Christmas eve time brought them together to announce another year of living apart. In 125 years he never missed a Christmas and neither had his lover.

Neither had aged at all, they both still looked 20 odd years old, still strong in body and mind. But underneath the looks their souls had aged, trapped inside a never changing cage. Time had passed by, technology changed, people became more and more suspicious and distrusting, of each other and the government.

You can read the full story at GayAuthors or FictionPress



Another one is today’s blog post for the Black Sheep blog tour, where I talk about my beginnings as a fanfiction reader and the slow start of Black Sheep:


And if you would like to take a look at some recent writing of mine, I’m participating in NaNo-Virtuosos 2013 which is a competition held by Curiosity Quills to find the best NaNo2012 story. If you like the story, please vote for me, but otherwise, treat this as a lovely way to get a bit of extra preview reading of my work 😉

That is all for today, read on!


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