Holidailies 15: Beautiful Sunday

16 Dec

After having downed half a bottle of licorice shots (20% alcohol) last night at the party I was happy that I have no hangover today, which is very good 🙂

I spend most of my morning watching anime. There is a series that runs this season called K, and I really really like it. It has both things that my boyfriend likes (lots of fights) and stuff I like (pretty guys and stuff like that). I got to know the anime after one of the manga translationgroups I follow did a translation of their drama CDs and dared the listeners to not find very strong homoerotic elements to it. I had to admit, they were pretty strong. Though over all there is no focus on it and it’s all about gangs fighting other gangs and stuff like that.

After that I helped my boyfriend out and checked something he has to hand it this week, took me less time than I thought.

Then, after a nice nap, I hung around on the net and got some good news about upcoming reviews for Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past, I think I’ve got about 2 or 3 of them incoming. Which is great because I’m really curious how people like it.


These are the blog tour posts that are up now:

Day 1 (Dec 12) I talk about clothes and changes:

Day 2 (Dec 13) I talk about the process of writing Black Sheep from idea to serial to ebook:

Day 3 is not up yet because the blogger is having computer troubles, but it’s an interview with me.

Day 4 (Dec 15) I talk about the decisions I made when I published Black Sheep:

Day 5 (Dec 16) is an interview with me, about Black Sheep and other things:

I’m now halfway through the blog tour, there are some interesting and fun posts still to come.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m participating in a competition for the best NaNo2012 novel, take a look at my first 3 pages of Disturbed Connections, my first romance.

I’m now off to watch some more K, see you all later!


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