Holidailies 14: Another productive day

15 Dec

Even though I slept in late because we went to the Hobbit last night (movie was great, 3d was bleh), I got quite a bit done today.

I didn’t start my day with practising Japanese, it was too loud and busy here today to do that.

I did spend most of my day editing the second half of Black Sheep 2. That is finished now. I only need to get the edits back into my digital file and get my ending short story out of the way for it (which is the original ending to Black Sheep 2). And after that I can send it to my editor and get it ready for release in Feb 2013.

It is quite different from editing the first novella because the first one has been written during a time I wasn’t that comfortable yet with my own writing style, which I had gotten a lot more when writing the second novella. So a lot of it now is some explanations and punctuation and word choice, things I don’t worry about too much while writing.

On a different note, in today’s blog post for the blog tour (yesterday’s didn’t go up because of technical trouble on the blogger’s end, so that one will be up in the near future) I talk about some of the choices I made when I decided to epublish Black Sheep even though it was already a serial:



And I’m participating in a competition for a publishing contract for the best NaNoWriMo 2012 novel that is hosted by Curiosity Quills, NaNo-Virtuoso. You can read the first chapter of Disturbed Connections here:

Even if you don’t plan on voting for it or any of the other pieces, you can always check out all the awesome people who participate.


That is it for today šŸ™‚ I’m off to a party!

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