Holidailies 6: Recipe for awesome pasta sauce

06 Dec

Since I have a bit of time today, I’ll be showing my fav recipe to make. I’m a student who lives with housemates but we all cook for ourselves. Which has led me to making large meals and then freezing it in portions. One of my favourite recipes these days is chorizo-paprika-tomato sauce for pasta. I also use the same sauce as a base for Calzones and soups.
I blend a lot of the veggies so the sauce has less bits which is convenient when you’re (like me) a big fan of spaghetti. Also, note that I don’t add any spices, this is because the chorizo already has a lot of spices, if you need to add anything in the end, stay away from the salt, chorizo has a lot of salt in it.
The only spices I sometimes add are smoked paprika powder and pepper.

Before I forget, this makes a lot of portions. My last batch was up to 12 portions, but I also used part of it for calzones so I have no clue what normal portion sizes are or how many people you can feed with it. Just know, it will be more than 8 people.

Ingredients (for a large batch):

– 3 bell peppers- 3 onions
– 1 chorizo (I use a 250 gram one and the sharpest one I can find)
– black olives
– 2 packs tomato purée (not paste)
– 1kg of tomatoes
– garlic (to taste)
– bacon (optional)

tools you need:
– big pan
– blender- cutting tools
– tubs to keep things in during cutting

1. I always start with cutting everything into the sizes it needs to be. This makes everything else later easier to do. The small pieces that you’ll be cutting should be as big as you like them, but I keep them pretty small since I use this sauce for not just pasta sauce but also soup and base for pizza’s.
– Cut the chorizo in small pieces, I usually cut it in 4 before cutting in slices.
– Cut 2 onions in large chunks for the blender, cut the third one in half or quarter slices. Put the large chunks and the slices into different bowls.
– Cut the tops off the bell peppers, these will be cut later. Cut the bottom parts of the bell peppers into big chunks for the blender. Take the stem out of the tops and cut the bell pepper into small bits.- Cut some of the olives in 2 or 3 pieces. Put the rest aside.
– Cut the tomatoes into 16 pieces, this means they’ll be small enough to easily be used in the sauce.
– (optional) cut the bacon into pieces.

2. Put all the bowls with small pieces aside and put the pan on the fire.

3. Put the chorizo and the bacon into the pan. You don’t need any fat because they are fat enough to bake into their own fat. Let the chorizo release most of their fat by heating it and don’t forget to stir so it doesn’t burn. The pieces will most likely shrink a bit and this is good. This usually takes me about 5 to 10 minutes.

4. During the baking of the chorizo put the big pieces of onions and bell peppers into the blender. Blend till it’s a goo. If you want to you can also add garlic at this point.

5. After the chorizo has let go of most of it’s fat, put in the small pieces of the bell peppers and the onions, fry/bake them in the chorizo fat.

7. Add the kilo of chopped tomatoes and boil them until they have gotten softer.

6. Then add the two packs of tomato puree and the bell pepper/onion goo.

7. Bring it all to a boil until the tomato pieces have totally boiled into the sauce.

8. Add the small pieces of olive a couple of minutes before taking the sauce off the fire. You can add some spices though I stay away from the green herbs and salt. This one taste best when if needed you add pepper and smoked paprika powder.

9. Enjoy! Or (like me) put everything into portions to freeze it.

* I used to freeze pasta with the sauce but have stopped doing it because it doesn’t always defrost and reheat well. I now only freeze small tubs of sauce (which is also easier to freeze a lot of) and boil the pasta when I want dinner.

There you go. Most of the ingredients are quite cheap and by not adding fat or other things to it you can get a healthy meal for not too much. It really works when you don’t have the time to cook every evening.

It takes me as long to prepare dinner each night as it takes me to boil pasta.

Here are some pics of my last batch I made, where you can also see that I use the same ingredients to make calzones (which is for the days that I get home late from uni and know that I’ll be really hungry).

Cut chorizo and uncut veggies

Everything cut and into neat little bowls.

You can see the calzones right before being folded and baked. The big bowl is onion-bell pepper-tomato sauce that is blended but uncooked. I used the uncooked version to put on the calzones.

Thanks for reading this. See you tomorrow for something else (not sure what yet).

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