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Holidailies 31: My goals for 2013!

So, after I looked at what I’ve done in 2012 I’ll now look forward to 2013. Here are my goals.

My goals come in four types: health, university, writing and other.


My health goals for 2013 look a lot like 2012 and are in line with my lifestyle of the past couple of months.- Keep to a livingschedule and sleep well. This means no 4 o clock nights and waking up early.
– Eat healthy. Meaning, make bulk foods and other things that are easy to freeze and easy to eat. I do need to make a bit more variation in this though, but that might not be too hard, I’ve got a few ideas.
– no smoking (after I finish this pack, which might take me about 3 weeks).
– no caffeine, apart from 2 cups of tea a day.


University gets it’s own goals this year, especially since I need to switch universities as the schoolyear ends.
– Get into university of choice for my master.
– Finish Dissertation on time.
– Find good placement for masters degree.
– Don’t leave work to the last minute.


This one is interesting since I’ll be combining some goals from different years again for this year. With my new writing technique I should be able to finish these goals without too much trouble (hopefully).
– write 100.000 words in the whole year, this is an old goal but I’m bringing it back. It’s not a set goal just something I would like to try again to see if I can do it with my new writing style.
– edit Disturbed Fate and Disturbed Connections and publish them.- write 2 more books to publish this year (not a set goal, just something I hope will work).
– publish at least 4 and hopefully 6 books in 2013, all novels or novellas. 4 of these are already finished and only need rewriting and edits (and in some cases covers).
– try my hand at a couple more short stories.
– try another new genre to write. (in 2012 I tried my hand at traditional romance)


List of random stuff I would like to try and master this year.
– Learn Japanese, I don’t have a set goal for this yet since I don’t know how quick I’ll pick it up.
– Learn to write left handed, weird goal but it’s something that interests me to try to get a hang off.
– Read 50 books and list them on Goodreads, and hopefully write reviews for at least half of them. I’m participating in a group where we try reading challenges and read 6 books together this year, I’m looking forward to trying this.

All these goals can potentially die on me and stuff like that but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself and actually choose goals that I can do.

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And that was it, the end of the Holidailies, very interesting to do, I did really like it.

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Holidailies 30: Small Present. Black Sheep excerpt 3

For today I’ve got a small present for you all, the third excerpt I’ve used in the blog tour. Since not all the people had added the excerpt, I’ll post them as some of the Holidailies.

Black Sheep, excerpt 3.

The first time I saw Vic I was standing in the schoolyard. Marie was hanging around my neck and we were listening to music, like every morning since we started high school. Suddenly she squealed into my ear and out of reflex I started playfully choking her. That was… until someone cleared his throat near us. We stopped and turned around. I froze. There, right in front of me, was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen.

He had long black hair, piercing blue eyes, perfect round and pink lips. The black long-sleeved top he was wearing had chains which were attached to his black skater pants with even more chains on them. He was just damn sexy… He looked very confident even as the whole school was staring at him. He didn’t seem to care or notice at all.

“You squealed, madam?” He grunted but grinned and asked, “You know where room 304 is? I’m new here and need to be there for my first class. I’m Vic, by the way.”

“Uah! Addams Family reference!” Marie jumped up and down. “We’re going there too. I’m Marie and this is Jack.”

Vic looked me up and down and smiled.

“Nice. So I assume you’ll be helping me today?” He seemed to be talking to Marie but his eyes were on me.

“Sure!” Marie grabbed his arm and dragged him with her as she bounced into the school. Vic looked back at me with large eyes as if unsure what was going on, but I shrugged and smirked at him as I walked after them.

It was never boring after that. Marie kept going on and on about him, about how she liked him and how sweet he was. It was annoying, but heck, even I couldn’t get him out of my thoughts. He was just so… intriguing…

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Check this post out with more free and cheap ebooks for your ereader until the 1st of January!
Holidailies 26: Mooooore presents for you all


Holidailies 29 : The changes I made in 2012

Before I write about what my plans are for 2013, I’m looking back for a moment on my life in 2012. My internet has been very nice today so this might be a longer post than the last couple of days 😉

Last year my number was 50 and this year my theme for the year is Good Things.

Picture from a couple of days ago when there was waaaay too much snow and I had to walk the dog:


This year is full of good things, some things I never thought I would be able to do/get but I got through the year without too much problems.

I didn’t keep to all my 2012 resolutions, but I don’t mind much, I’ve done other things that went really well and are more important than those resolutions. My resolutions for 2012 were like everybody else’s: go to the gym, eat healthy, sleep more. I only failed 1 of those (the gym one, because the Pound/Euro conversion was getting worse, so I didn’t have the spare money for it), the rest went fine and even some things went better.

This summer I finally found why I had such moodswings and bouts of depression, I can’t handle caffeine. Cola and energydrinks have always been my comfort food, which is why when I was feeling like I needed some comfort I got even more down. Since this summer I haven’t had any coffee, cola  or energydrinks, or other caffeine stuff. The only caffeine I (at most) drink in a day might be 2 cups of tea, but I’ve even cut down on that. I might look into caffeine free or low caffeine tea, but for now this works. And it makes me so much more productive. Of course, it hasn’t been easy but that is what you get for having caffeinated drinks as comfort foods. I always thought that because I don’t have any effects from the caffeine that there couldn’t be any negative side effects, but I was wrong in that. I’m (mostly) caffeine free now and a much happier person for it.

I also (mostly) quit smoking this summer, though that was more because I didn’t have anyone to smoke with and I only smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes a week. Until a few days ago I hadn’t smoked at all, but with New Years eve coming up I just like to have a pack. My luck with cigarettes (unlike caffeine) is that I’m not really addicted to it apart from some moments out of habit (like smoking between classes at uni and things like that).

Those are the health things, which isn’t that bad. I sleep more and usually keep to quite a decent sleeping schedule these days. Which makes me a much more happy person (usually) and productive (often).


My real changes this year were in my writing. I had a couple of writing goals set up at the start of the year and made most of them and changed some of them. I had a couple of projects running and will talk per project:

Black Sheep Trilogy: I wrote BS3 in about 3 months (quickest of all the BS novellas) and for most of the year I thought that would be the end of it. At the end of the summer I decided otherwise and not only created covers for all the books of the trilogy but also self-edited and then got a professional editor to look at book 1. I self-published Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past (Black Sheep Part 1) on Dec 12 this year. In the past 2 weeks I also self-edited the other 2 parts of Black Sheep and I’ll hopefully finish the short stories that go at the end of those ebooks before the new year starts. I had no plans of publishing Black Sheep when the year started because I focused more on Disturbed Fate, but now I’m glad I did.

Disturbed Fate: I started to do some work on this story at the start of the year but soon found out that I needed to change so much on it that it needed some separate time and I couldn’t do that while I wasn’t done with Black Sheep. I’m now almost fully finished with Black Sheep (apart from doing some release related things) so I can soon focus on this.

Writing things I hadn’t planned to happen at the start of the year:

Otherkin Spirits: Disturbed Fate was my NaNo 2011 novel and is now book 1 in the Otherkin Spirits series. This year for NaNo I wrote Disturbed Connections which will be the second book. They are not a series in the traditional sense of the word, they are same-world books and although I refer to some characters between the books they aren’t really follow up books. You can read either of them without needing the other to understand the story, they are self-contained stories. Where Disturbed Fate is a paranormal novel, Disturbed Connections is a romance novel. Both stories do take place in the same world and with the same “world rules”.

Magical Roads: A short story collection I put together from things I’ve written while at university. It was really interesting and fun to do this and I had a lot of fun trying to get my head around all the different parts of publishing and marketing.

Sean: Working title for my new story. Sean is one of the side characters from Disturbed Connections but the story won’t be part of the Otherkin Spirits series because I’m playing with more traditional vampire mechanics and things like that. It is still in a very early stage (9000 words) but I’m having fun with it between doing other things for my other stories.

Other things I’ve found out this year:

– I can write 1.000 words an hour if I set myself to it. (Tip, check out this guide how I do it: My trick to writing insane amounts a day… )

– I can edit up to 20.000 words a day if needed and possibly more.

– editing is easier if you don’t need to also pay attention to making sure the writing style is consistent.

– NaNo is very doable if you find the trick to writing 1.000 words an hour.

That is it for today 🙂

What were your plans for this year and how well did you do on them?

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Also, don’t forget to fill your ereader with free and cheap books, here is the list I’ve put together with my friends:

Holidailies 26: Mooooore presents for you all

And I also wrote a post about one of the best ways to get ebooks that aren’t from your main store onto your ereader:
Holidailies 21: Calibre, my fav ebook tool


Holidailies 28: Short update

The internet is being wacky here, so I’m not writing a long update.

I spend most of today behind a pile of paper, namely my Black Sheep 3 manuscript. All the edits are finished on the paper version and I’ll be putting them into the computer after I finish this post 😉 Which  means that after that I only need to write and finish 2 short stories to put at the end of the books 2 and 3.

Other than that I’ve been grumbling at the internet and listened to my boyfriend playing Grand Tourismo 5.

Now I’m going to get back to work, hopefully the internet will be back to normal soon so I can do a longer post.

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Holidalies 27 : Small Present. Black Sheep excerpt 2

For today I’ve got a small present for you all, the second excerpt I’ve used in the blog tour. Since not all the people had added the excerpt, I’ll post them as some of the Holidailies.

Black Sheep, excerpt 2.

“Vic?” Chris knocks on the door and enters. “Jack is here for you. He’s waiting downstairs. Need a minute or can he come up?”

“I’m okay. Just need to, y’know.” I pick up my shirt and put on my wristbands again.

The little devil takes two steps out of my room and yells, “Vic is jerking off, if you want to see him finish you need to be here quick!”

As I lunge for her I see Jack standing downstairs. My eyes go wide and my mouth goes dry.

“Sisters are fun, eh?” He smiles up at me and slowly starts walking up the stairs.

Oh my, oh my. I hide my face in Chris’ neck. This is so embarrassing. He looks so hot, his hair is styled straight, he’s wearing super-tight black jeans, a fishnet shirt and a black leather choker with studs on them. I wish I had been jerking off, I wouldn’t have this problem in my pants right now.

Chris giggles and escapes to her room. So I turn around quickly and walk inside mine to look for a way to disguise my ‘problem’.

“You coming?” I ask as I sit on the chair in front of the computer.

“Well, if you insist,” he drawls from the hall.

Is he flirting? Oh no, this is getting bad. Maybe he doesn’t even realize what kind of reaction my body is having to him right now. And if he does realize and keeps doing this, I might not be able to restrain myself for long.

He walks into my room and stops. “How are you feeling? You seem better.” He looks around and then decides to sit on the bed.

“I’m feeling okay, I guess. I just woke up.” I look around, trying not to pay too much attention to him.

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Holidailies 26 : Mooooore presents for you all

After giving out some coupons yesterday a few more people teamed up and I’ve got a growing list of books that have coupons off right now. I’ll add more to the list when they show up but here is the beginning of free and cheap books to fill your ereader or tablet with!

All these codes work from now until the 1st of January!!!!

C.E. Martin offers his first two books of his Mythical series for FREE Mythical: Heart of Stone (code: RH29K) and Mythical: Brothers in Stone (code: BZ34N) and the third book for 75% off ($0.99 now) Mythical: Blood and Stone (code: YB85M).

Laura Rea Amos offers her book for 80% off Exactly Where They’d Fall (code: JV75G).

K. A. Jordan offers her book for FREE Swallow the Moon (code: KM69M).

My own book Magical Roads (code: LZ78M) is also FREE and Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past (code: VE97Y) is 25% off (now $2.25).

I will add more to the list when more people contact me about their sales, but here is the beginning! Pick some nice books, grab a blanket and get comfortable for some good reads.

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Holidailies 25: Small present. Black Sheep Excerpt 1

For today I’ve got a small present for you all, the first excerpt I’ve used in the blog tour. Since not all the blogs had added the excerpt, I’ll post them as some of the Holidailies. And because I like the holiday spirit 🙂

Black Sheep, excerpt 1.

Fireworks lit the sky as people celebrated the New Year, hugging and kissing as they went around the group. Suddenly he was there, in front of me, stepping past my outstretched hand and leaning over. His lips touched my skin, just one second on my cheek. One glance before he moved on. Then there was a girl, same ritual. Now another guy, just a simple handshake.

Even after the fireworks my cheek still tingled. I saw him sitting at the other side of the bonfire. His long brown hair reflected the flames, as if it were burning. His blue hoody and his torn blue jeans looked so comfy and soft that I thought hugging him would have felt like heaven. His beautiful amber eyes met mine…

The murmuring in the classroom swells and someone calls out. “Wow, Jack, what have you done?”

I blink, shaking my head to clear it of the images as I look up. Jack stands in the doorway, his face hidden behind his hair. My jaw drops.

This is not the same guy that I remembered just a few seconds ago. In the week between the New Year’s party and today he totally changed his style. His long brown hair is now a raven black, his comfortable and worn jeans and t-shirt now switched out for bondage pants and a body-hugging button-up. Wow.

Jack looks at his feet, away from the stares of our classmates. When he reaches up to push the hair away from his face I see the black nail polish and his kohled eyes. His new look takes my breath away and I fall in love with him for the second time.

The goth girls in our class flock around him, praising his daring change, making him blush vigorously.

After a few minutes one of them changes her attention to me. “Now you’re not the only goth guy, Vic.” She smiles, licks her lips at me and winks.

“I know, I’m not the only black sheep anymore.” I smile back. As I turn to my table I notice that Jack has taken a seat at the desk in front of me.

“You look cool, Jack.” I nod to him while doodling nervously in my drawing book; the shape starts out vague but soon begins to look very familiar. I concentrate on detailing his shoes and the flames on them and then work my way up.

“Thanks,” Jack quietly responds after a while. The small parts of his ears that aren’t covered by his hair turn red.

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