I’m working really hard, not on 2 but 3 projects!

29 Jul

Hi all,

It’s been quite a busy time for me, I’m finally calming down after the whole publishing of Magical Roads. If you want to check it out, just go to my website: Magical Roads.

And I’ve written a guide on how to properly format your book for the kf8 format (the new kindle format that works on the Kindle Fire and the Kindle touch and baby). A lot of people are not aware there are a lot of books that are formatted wrongly and show up poorly on the Kindle Touch. Most people don’t know why this problem exists or how to solve it. I’ve written this guide with a lot of pictures so it’s easy to follow. You can find the guide here: Formatting your file KF8 proof.

But that is not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about is the other side of my writing, the side you normally don’t really see. The part where I write pieces that are longer than 2000 words and don’t immediately put them online.

The first thing is that I’m working on editing Black Sheep chapters, especially the older chapters since they need a lot of work to get to the level I’m working on now. This is really fun as I’ve forgotten how these characters were at the start. I’ve read through the chapters a hundred times probably, but, after my rewriting 3 years ago, never again with this much focus on the style and wording of these chapters. It’s really good to go through them again and also realise that even though it has been more than a year since I last saw these first chapters they fit so well together with my last chapters I wrote a few months ago.

This won’t be my main focus but I will bit by bit edit these chapters and get them into good shape. These chapters won’t be uploaded to replace the old chapters, I made this choice because I wanted there to be a difference between these chapters that are online already, that although not bad aren’t edited, and the ebook I’m planning to release somewhere in the future, which will have rewritten and edited chapters and probably also a short story added that has never been released before.

Ofcourse you can still read the chapters that are online because apart from some rewriting of scenes and getting everything cleaned up there won’t be any changes to the actual chapters or story lines. The abook will just be a clean version of what you can find online.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, I’m gonna release Disturbed Fate first.

I’m also working on editing Disturbed Fate and getting them to beta-readers and critters. This is, although very time consuming and not half as nostalgic as working on Black Sheep, very fun to do. I’m adding a lot more scenery, emotions and actions to the story, making it a lot more vibrant. I do like doing this as I can now focus more on improving the story instead of getting it out on paper, like the first time I worked on this story. I’m making notes on whole chapters I need to add, or scenes and ideas about why some parts do or don’t work. Plus making sure I keep all the details right and not mess them up, like I’m sure I did somewhere.

I’ve already put my first chapter out there and am working on the second one (though not right now as right now I’m working on this post 😉 ). I’ll be working hard on these chapters as I’m trying to at least finish all my rewrites before the end of August.

I’m so exited to work on this!

And the last thing is something new. Not long after finishing my first draft of Disturbed Fate I decided on making a sequel or a same-world-but-not-really-sequel story to it. I had two new characters in my head and some scenes with them but since I’m still working on Disturbed Fate and I’m not really sure what to do in a sequel to it I decided not to make a sequel. Some parts that did involve my DF characters might end up being short stories or novella’s later on, but not now.

Now I got Chris and Alec, two lovely guys. I’ve already thought of some scenes with them, but even though they are in no way linked to the characters of DF, the world they live in is sort of the same. I had to change around a couple of things so that even accidentally you wouldn’t be able to think it was a sequel.

I wish I could reveal more about this story, like a name or a theme or anything, but I can’t. Only the idea exists, not anything else.

But I’m looking forward to write this between DF and BS, it’s always nice to actually create stuff when you’re mostly working with existing stuff otherwise.

That is it for today! Long story short: I released some stuff, I’m working on Black Sheep, I’m also working on Disturbed Fate and I’m in the process of creating a new story I have no name for yet.

Write on!



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