Disturbed Fate: Keiran (and an extract)

05 Jun

As I’m doing CampNaNoWriMo I decided that maybe I should write a bit about one of the characters in the novel. I’m typing out the originally hand written novel and having quite a bit of fun with it, making characters stronger and actions more fun. One of the characters that I’ve always loved is Keiran. So here is a bit more about him.

Disturbed Fate is an 18+ Paranormal novel which features gay guys, light bdsm scenes and weird people.

Keiran is a guy in his early 20s, going to university and doing a placement in a hospital. He lives together with Diana, a friend. He meets his new boyfriend Devlan early on in Disturbed Fate and I love their relationship, you’ll see why later in the extract.

Keiran originally started as the boyfriend of my MC in another story, also under a different name. He was a happy though mostly horny guy that loved to tease and play. Although I never went on with the story a lot of the scenes that were in it are in some way or another transferred into Disturbed Fate. As did Keiran and a lot of the background for characters.

For this story Keiran changed from a sang vamp into an energyworker which I found added a few more interesting points to his character. He had always had a few kinks but by adding heightened awareness this raised to a totally different level. And honestly, I didn’t even plan for it, it kind of happened while writing the first chapter from his point of view. It was a nice surprise.

I think out of all the characters in Disturbed Fate Keiran is my favourite character, he is so funny and has a very strong will.

So without further ado, the extract:


Keiran stood in the kitchen, the soap covering his arms until his armpits. At the other side Diana was holding up a towel as a shield. The floor between them had become a battlefield of soap and water. He suddenly felt the energy of Devlan close and approaching.
“I hate you.” Keiran grabbed a towel from the rack next to him. “Now he is here and I’m only wearing wet skinny jeans. You know how hard it is to get out of these?”
Diana smiled. “I know.”
“Bitch. Now you can go open the door, I’m not greeting him like this.” Keiran stomped out of the kitchen to his own room.”
“I can see you. Open the door.” Devlan’s voice came through the front door.
“Just a second.” Keiran walked on.
“I don’t think so. Open the door and let me in.”
Keiran closed his eyes, Devlan used the demanding tone of voice that he just couldn’t ignore. He turned around and opened the door, the cold of the hallway making him shiver and raise goose bumps on his skin.
Devlan looked him over. “I don’t see a reason why you need to change out of those. They look perfectly fine to me.” His hand went to his chest, the fingers even colder than the cool air from the hallway.
Keiran shivered, stepping back.
Keiran stood perfectly still as Devlan closed the door and took off his coat, hanging it next to the door.
Keiran swallowed hard, his jeans getting tight. The man was wearing skin tight jeans and a well fitting shirt. They stood staring at each other for a while, sizing each other up.
“You were planning on something?” Devlan moved, breaking the spell. He straightened to his full height, squaring his shoulders, turning his head in a way that Keiran knew all too well.
Keiran could feel himself react to the strong energy Devlan was emitting, power, he relaxed and slightly bowed his head. “Yes, can I put on some other jeans? These are wet. Diana and I were fooling around in the kitchen and everything got wet.”
“Is the kitchen clean yet?” Devlan dropped his voice lower, unhappy.
“No…” Keiran hesitated, they hadn’t played much yet and he didn’t know how to address Devlan when he was like this, he went for the safest option. “Sir.”
“Then do that first. You can change into something dry after.” Devlan walked into the living room and sat on the couch.
Keiran followed close behind and went into the kitchen. He saw Diana stare at him with her mouth open. He stuck out his tongue, not daring to make a sound.
“Keiran.” A low, warning, voice came from the couch.
“Sorry, sir.” He pulled the towel he just abandoned a few minutes ago close and started mopping the floor.




Who would not love this guy? 😉

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