Smiles and Dreams

27 Apr

I sometimes have this fuzzy feeling, it’s a happy feeling and on moments like that I love where I am. It took me a while to get here and sometimes I try to explain how I got here. Today I made this post to try and explain how happiness is not reaching your dream but to take a step forward in life, no matter where you are. And never forget to smile because someone might need it.

Sometimes I think people forget. People forget that it doesn’t take much to smile at someone, it doesn’t cost you anything and you can brighten a day more than you could ever think.

Some people find that I have gotten far in my life, very far even. But I just wanted to get somewhere and I made it happen. If you trust in yourself and actually move forward you can get anywhere you want.
Don’t dream the impossible, dream something just out of reach and get there. And when you’re there? Find something else just out of reach. But don’t forget to enjoy where you are.

And maybe, maybe one day that thing you thought that was impossible? It might be within reach, or just out of reach.

Maybe, one day, you will reach that which suddenly has become possible.

Don’t pull yourself down with things that make you unhappy. Not everything in life is fun, but if you willingly put something in your life that makes you unhappy you are only destroying your own dreams. That which at one point may have been just out of reach gets further away, it will slip away from you.

Stand still. Look around. Where are you now? What is something that is just out of reach but doable with a little bit of work? Can you imagine it? Then go for it! Make yourself happy by fulfilling one little thing. It doesn’t need to be big, maybe it is just a certain meal you would like to make, or to take a picture of a rose.

Small dreams make up the whole of a big dream. Don’t reach for the end just yet. The end is only there when you close your eyes and say goodbye to the world. Take pleasure in the small dreams, the small steps will add up and one day you will look around and realise that what you thought was a far away dream is just out of reach, only one more step and you will have reached it.

Also, don’t forget to smile and smile to people. A kind word can mean so much, maybe your smile will bring someone else to their next dream and one day a smile from someone else will bring you to your next dream.

Don’t give up, no matter how low you think you are. Stand still and breathe. Then look for a wish or dream just out of reach and work for it. You might not end where you thought you would but in the end you might find a nice surprise.


Share a smile and some day when you need it someone will give you the power to go on. Nothing is impossible, it is just that you need to break up the task and make it possible. It’s all about the in between.

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