Missed me? This is what I’ve been doing behind the scenes lately

09 Apr

I’m nearing the last few weeks of my second year at uni and even though I have to do a lot of work for uni I’ve possibly tripled my own workload by also deciding to get some other stuff out of the way at the same time. Which is totally normal for me to do though stress inducing, I’ll probably never learn though 😉


So, apart from research for my essays what DID I do you ask?

I started out with re-designing my weblogs, made them easier to navigate and add Facebook and Twitter features to them. To can see for yourself how the layout has changed Kia’s Writing, Kia’s Reading, Kia’s other stuff, Black Sheep (all blogspot) and Kia’s blog, Black Sheep (both WordPress).

And I tried to make a banner (see Kia’s Writing) but though I think it’s okay it’s not the way I want it yet, so I’ll have to re-do that sometime.


The banner is also used on my Facbook page, though without the words. My FB page is also something new I’ve started, so I can more easily interact with people, since not everybody does twitter 😉 and it’s easier to find old posts on FB than it is on Twitter. Plus I put in some timeline of Black Sheep writing.

I’ll show you my cute FB button:


Nice eh? For the moment I mostly talk about Black Sheep and some writers I know, but I’ll have Black Sheep finished soon and then I’ll slowly start feeding you all Disturbed Fate bits and pieces.


After doing all this I realised that posting updates on my WordPress was silly and that I didn’t like it like that, so I decided that I should probably get my writer website back up since that has been out of order for quite a few months already. So I taught myself Drupal in an evening and spend the next day designing my website. This is the result:

I know there isn’t a lot on there yet but I’m going to fix that some time soon. At this point you can find information about Black Sheep and Disturbed Fate, I will soon be adding some short stories and maybe even poetry and possibly links to reviews of things and books I’ve done, always easy if that is easily available. And ofcourse the writing guide will also be posted online.

So yeah, there will be more soon, AFTER I’ve finished my essays for uni.


My progress on Black Sheep is now to the point where I’ve got about 9 more chapters to write and most of the planning is slowly falling into place. I’ve written post-its with notes, a few scenes here and there and I’ve found ways to bring it all together, so the “only” thing left is actually writing the things…


So until 3 May I will be busy with 3 essays and 1 folder of work (totalling about 12K words in work) and study for a resit exam for uni, trying to finish up the last bits here and there and then writing Black Sheep. It’s gonna be busy with me also having fun on twitter, facebook and G+


Maybe I should really get started working then…


See you all soon when I’ve got more news!!

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