Black Sheep Part 2 Last Chapter!

09 Feb

Black Sheep is now 2/3 through. Part 2 is finished, leaving only Part 3 until the full end of the story.

Here is the new chapter! Darker than any of the previous chapters I’ve written, probably darker than anything I’ve written in my whole life.

Black Sheep, Part 2, Chapter 20:


Just to remind you, here is the start of the story, Part 1, chapter 1:



Vic just wants the last two years at his new high school to be calm, boring even. But the kiss from his best friend at New Years throws that out the window and then there is his past that doesn’t seem to stop haunting him. Will he be able to form new relationships and let go of old ones?

Part 2, Chapter 1:


Part 2:

Vic has gone through the bad and is trying to come out of the other end. Will he be able to put the past behind him for good? Will he be to salvage his relationships? Can he love purely again?

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