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Update 28 December 2011

Todays update is about two things. New Black Sheep chapter is up on the regular places and I wrote a blogpost about how to make a multi coloured cake (written in both English and Dutch).

Black Sheep Part 2, Chapter 17

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Easy Rainbow tiered cake

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Easy multicoloured rainbow cake / Gemakkelijke gekleurde regenboog cake

I really love baking and one of the things I love making are cakes and pies. A few years ago I found a brand that does an amazing box for making cakes, no more sugar and butter but fluffy light cakes every time. Love Love Love this stuff! The brand is Pondan and the cake itself is called a Chiffon Cake. I first found the green cake, which is amazing in colour so I tried it out and I now swear by this kind of cake when making cakes.

Yes, the cake really is that colour when you bake it, it is a paler green when it goes into the oven but it truly does come out like this. The best thing is that you only need to add eggs and coconut milk. You can make it from scratch (recipes are easy to find, just use google) but I just do it the boring way and use a pack.

For this cake I use the vanilla version of this cake, which should be a pale yellow when finished. I honestly have never made one like that but always like I will describe below because the first time I made a multicoloured cake was because the green was sold out at the store.

Here a pic of our first attempt at a multi coloured cake, this was our birthday cake:

A lot of people were amazed by how the colours were so vibrant and not blending at all and wondering what kind of amazing kitchen princess I was (honestly, I’m not, this is just easy.)

All right, here comes the tutorial on how to make this amazing tower of Nom. This will be a bilingual tutorial, English will be in the normal typesetting and the Dutch instructions will follow in italics. The pictures in the tutorial are made when I was making the bottom layer of the above cake, extra instructions on how to put together that cake will be posted at the end.

Oke, hier volgt de tutorial, ik zal em in twee talen posten. Engelse instructies zijn in normale tekst en Nederlandse instructies in schuin er onder. De foto’s zijn van toen ik de onderste laag van de cake aan het maken was van bovenstaande cake, instructies om de rest van de cake te maken staan aan het einde van de tutorial.

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Separate blog for my serial story and other things

I just finished up my post-NaNo blogpost, which is posted on my WordPress account and Blogspot account:

My NaNoWriMo2011 experience & how I’m going to finish the year 2011

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For the past week I’ve been working on ways to get my main story back into first place of my writing attention, which has worked I must say. The only things I still need to do are creating banners and covers for them, which is not going as well as I would like but I’ll figure something out.

Black Sheep has been updated on multiple websites to chapter 16 of Part 2 and some more websites will soon follow.

Black Sheep has gotten separate blogs from my normal blogs since it started to dominate the blogs too much, which was never the intention to begin with. Short stories and small pieces of stories will still be shared here and I will put posts here when I update a new chapter or other interesting news about the story, but all the chapters can now be found (and followed) in the next places:

Black Sheep by Kia Zi Shiru (an online serial)

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Expect a few changes in layout and looks when I’ve got the covers and banners done but most of it is as it will stay.

Of course, this weeks update:

Black Sheep Part 2, Chapter 16

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Please leave a message if you’ve read it, I always like to hear from readers.


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My NaNoWriMo2011 experience & how I’m going to finish the year 2011

So, December has started. NaNo is officially over all around the world for a while now, I hope everybody was able to catch their breath. So how was it all? To be honest, it was a huge blur for me 😉

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