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NaNo2011, day 30. I FINISHED NANO and why I should be ashamed of myself…

So, I did it, I finished NaNo with a few hours to spare… Which is really good!!!

And I did it all by hand! Which is even better as I now can’t just randomly share the whole story before I truly worked it over πŸ˜‰ (Believe me, hands do not get prettier from writing by hand…)

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#Excerpt from my #NaNoWriMo novel, day 1 and 3

Here are two excerpts from my NaNo novel, one is from day 1 and one from day 3.

Day one:

Keiran turned to the side, back into the park, into the open. He wanted to see this guy that made his knees go weak and his heart race.
Keiran stood still, his back to where he knew the other man was, slowly taking off his jacket, the cold cooling his skin, fading the blush that had started to form. He could feel the power coming closer. He became engulfed in the feeling, in the pressure of it on his senses.
Warm lips touched his neck from above, the soft caress in contrast with the hard body pressed against him.

Day 3, club scene: (please forgive me some of my errors in this one, I have digitalised this with Dragon Naturally speaking and it’s not set up 100%or me yet)

He turned around locking eyes with the man as he slowly started to move, trying to get a good feel for the music. He reached out with his senses making sure that he would not bump into anyone if he really started to get into the music. One of his favourite songs started to play and he started to flow his hips to the music, travelling his hands over his own body. the man was staring at him, he smiled and then closed his eyes, fully trusting that his movements would keep the guy entertained.

the music sped up and Keiran started to move more freely and openly, getting lost in his own little world. the energy of the man was strong but so was the energy of some of the other dancers, he tapped into it, becoming part of the whole group. moving, swaying, flowing, pushing, grinding. he felt hands on this body, urging him to move faster, wilder. he tapped into the energy of the man, his power, his lust. around him movements were becoming more frantic, more heated. the DJ put on another fast and following song. making the unity stronger, creating more movements. they moved their face upward, becoming closer together, grinding, touching, moving. more and more people started to surround the dance floor, watching them move, the lust fuelling the dance, the move, the sensation.

Sudden power came close, not just the man, but others, not as strong but it was there. the hands multiplied, grinding became more and more erratic, the music slowed down to a more manageable level, making opportunity for long movements. suddenly there was a breath in his neck and teeth. Hands, teeth, hips, grinding, moving, lusting. the energy rose further, getting stronger, unity giving away to becoming, one, all. the music followed the energy, rising, speeding. fluid movements, erratic movements, feeling, sensing. moving, grinding, teeth. Keirans breath hitched.

“come.” it was not an order, it was a feeling.

Energy exploded, they became and then undone. the music became slow and lazy, the energy seeping from their unity, from their dance. Keiran felt the man catch him as his body gave way underneath him. space. There were lowered on the floor, dazed as they were trying to untangle themselves from the unity..

Keirans tried to focus but he felt both charged and fully drained. he had never before experienced this much unity and energy. it might have been because there was more people this time, but he was sure it had something to do with the man behind him.

Yes, I do just realise that both these exerpts are from the secondary characters POV… I’ll see if I get get one from the maincharacters POV next time πŸ˜‰


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