#NaNoWriMo, Post 6, 2 days left. How does my plot look and my time chedule

30 Oct

So, it’s been a while, or about 16 days to be more precise. What I’ve done? Well, first my boyfriend had his half-term break so he came to visit me for the week, then I had my half-term break and I visited my parents and boyfriend. All very fun but one thing I loved the most, my boyfriend had whiteboards!! Yes, those amazing white boards that make planning so much easier ^^ sadly enough I did not really make any pictures(that do not include huge plot points 😉 )…

One thing I did realise was that what I thought might be the “big ending” of the story now is only halfway of it… something that would probably have taken me a lot longer if I hadn’t used those boards. I did write everything down and am now in the process of transferring all the information onto sheets of A4.

Some people were curious how I knew how many words I had planned out and this is how I knew: The total is 50k words, which is easily cut into 5 pieces of 10k words. 10k is nice and big for separate parts of the story arc and this makes for easy divisions to even smaller parts. The first 10k is for setting up the story; who is who, what subplots will show up and best of all, what is the scene that will be disrupted? At 10k the first plot point will be dumped on them. YAY! At 20k the second plot will be dumped on them, 30k the next and 40k the most important plot of the story will take place, the last 10k will mainly be about cleaning up all the mess.

Black Sheep works in this same fashion, though it is 60K long and the main plot points happen at 20 and 40K, but at 10, 30 and 50 other quite important plots have their place. Not precisely but around those chapters as sometimes chapters suddenly act differently from what you expect them to do. Which is why for NaNo I will not precisely plan every scene now, I might have to take one or two days out at a later date to plan later scenes.

Those 10k words are then split in 5k chunks which will (probably) have a special scene in the middle, just to keep everything interesting (for me 😉 ). Those 5k chunks are divided onto separate A4 pages and then split into 3 scenes per chapter. Yes, I love numbers and splitting like this gives me both freedom and restrictions to play with. But at least it gives me set boundaries for when I try to write in shorter time sets instead of the whole word count in one go.

I sort of have planned out what I need to write every day to finish NaNo on time, this is my schedule.

I have classes 3 days a week, so those days I have a lower word count because I know I will be too tired on those days to do a lot of work. Purple days are 1k word days and pink days are 2.6k word days. Yes, huge difference, but I need to keep my act together. I also have 4 days extra at the end of the month for some time I might have lost during the month, or as I talked about here, words I might need to make up due to differing word counts.

So what is left to do? Well… I was planning on making some food but I found that I don’t really need to go shopping as I have dinner and breakfast left for at least another week, sadly though, not enough snacks or caffeine. Yes, the only reason I do need to go shopping tomorrow is to get a load of caffeine 😛 Cans and cans of it… Oh yeah, and I might need to get some more scenes onto the board…

2 nights, 1 day, that is how much time I’ve got left for this… Let’s get back to planning 😉

Keep Writing!


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