#NaNoWriMo, Post 5, 18 days left.

13 Oct

So yes, 18 days for me, I rum GMT so for me it’s already the 13th, although I still feel like it’s the 12th ūüėČ Let’s not go into my strange sleeping habits.


A couple of hours after I did my last blog post they finally updated the NaNoWriMo website, and it does look quite nice. Although, like last year, I still have trouble finding everything on the forums, but that might be sorted in a couple of days, as they are still in the process of updating. What they did update nicely is the novel part!

Get your synopsis ready and fill out your novel profile. Here is mine for Disturbed Fate.


I saw something interesting on the forums, people were opening topics about writing down your plot in a certain amount of words (I have come across 15 and 20 word versions). I thought that we could possibly start another trend on twitter. Maybe some of us can find interesting writers to follow by reading their plot. If we write our plot in the hashtag #NaNoPlot we might be able to share more NaNo love more globally.

So use #NaNoPlot to get your plot out to others and find people that write stories that you like. Try to fit the important things in just one tweet, it’s more letters than you can use for the topics on the forum but I think it might still be quite hard. And who knows what interesting stories you might find?


The last thing I want to mention today is that Smashwords have a promotion on their website for NaNo’ers.

You can upload your book there and haver it set to in progress so that you can share your work with friends, family, etc but not have to worry about where you put it. It is interesting especially if you need other people to make sure you are on track with NaNo, but also when you just like to share what you do.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll join but I’ll look into it more at a later date, right now my characters need some love.

Keep Writing!


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