NaNo 2011, Post 2, 31 days to go!

01 Oct

Whoa, it’s October 1…

I have a world, but no characters or a plot… Which is bad. The idea is fun but I think that if I don’t find a plot soon I might not be able to do this one.

On the other hand I’m not playing with a couple of characters for one or two stories about vamps. If plan 1 fails I might use them and create some weird thing about them. I do like vampires so that is not a problem but I would have liked a more original plan 😉


So, those are the less happy things…


For the happier things, I finished the second part of Black Sheep. Chapter 11 and 12 will be updated this Monday. And after that it will be updated every two weeks. So Black Sheep part two will be finished around the end of January next year. Enough time for me to plan NaNo in October, do NaNo in November and then relax in December 😉 See, enough time to then start planning part 3.

Which yes will be both more happy and more sad than part 2, but of course that is the thing about part 3s, they are supposed to have the best of all.


So my to do list for October includes:

– finalizing my Drama piece and get a second one going

– reading the books I need for class for November

– choose an essay question and get started on the essay outlay so I will only need to write it out when it comes around

– Write poems, which might be the least stressful of them all 😉


Oh and of course: PLAN NANO!!!!


(I just checked and apparently I already talked about this in the last post, which tells you that this is really on my mind right now >.<‘ )


So, the 3 ideas for NaNo are; Elementalists, Vampires or Magicians…

I think all might be fun but I’m lacking plot for all of them 😉


My gem for this post is this:

NANO Adoption forum

Here you can adopt characters, plots, first lines and all sorts of things for your story. I’ve been hanging around there trying to figure out a plot and just reading through it helps a lot.

Do mind that they will reset the forum on October 1 (or 10 this year, not sure about the forums).


Anyway, good luck plotting everybody!

Write on!



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