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#NaNoWriMo, Post 6, 2 days left. How does my plot look and my time chedule

So, it’s been a while, or about 16 days to be more precise. What I’ve done? Well, first my boyfriend had his half-term break so he came to visit me for the week, then I had my half-term break and I visited my parents and boyfriend. All very fun but one thing I loved the most, my boyfriend had whiteboards!! Yes, those amazing white boards that make planning so much easier ^^ sadly enough I did not really make any pictures(that do not include huge plot points 😉 )…

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#NaNoWriMo, Post 5, 18 days left.

So yes, 18 days for me, I rum GMT so for me it’s already the 13th, although I still feel like it’s the 12th 😉 Let’s not go into my strange sleeping habits.


A couple of hours after I did my last blog post they finally updated the NaNoWriMo website, and it does look quite nice. Although, like last year, I still have trouble finding everything on the forums, but that might be sorted in a couple of days, as they are still in the process of updating. What they did update nicely is the novel part!

Get your synopsis ready and fill out your novel profile. Here is mine for Disturbed Fate.


I saw something interesting on the forums, people were opening topics about writing down your plot in a certain amount of words (I have come across 15 and 20 word versions). I thought that we could possibly start another trend on twitter. Maybe some of us can find interesting writers to follow by reading their plot. If we write our plot in the hashtag #NaNoPlot we might be able to share more NaNo love more globally.

So use #NaNoPlot to get your plot out to others and find people that write stories that you like. Try to fit the important things in just one tweet, it’s more letters than you can use for the topics on the forum but I think it might still be quite hard. And who knows what interesting stories you might find?


The last thing I want to mention today is that Smashwords have a promotion on their website for NaNo’ers.

You can upload your book there and haver it set to in progress so that you can share your work with friends, family, etc but not have to worry about where you put it. It is interesting especially if you need other people to make sure you are on track with NaNo, but also when you just like to share what you do.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll join but I’ll look into it more at a later date, right now my characters need some love.

Keep Writing!


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#NaNoWriMo 2011, Post 4, 21 days to go! Plots and outlines.

So, we are crossing the 3 week line today, time to panic not about getting to the right word count on time but to create a workable plot/outline. The NaNoWriMo hastag (#NaNoWriMo) is getting full of people stressing out by now and it’s lovely to know I’m not the only one freaking out.

So, my story is starting to come along, I’ve tried two ways to get the story outline down to paper but neither have done more than entertain me about how I always need to be difficult in everything I do. A bad habit of mine. So I’ll fall back on my own way of outlining and I’ll try to show how I do this with some pictures, it’s not hard, and possibly not even weird but it just very paper intensive.

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Ideas on cheaper reading 2

I know I have done a post like this before, but this time I won’t focus on how and what but more on the where of cheap/free ebooks.

Two posts I have done in the past are

Ideas on cheaper reading (6 April 2011)

Manga and FanFiction (29 May 2011)
They are still accurate and interesting so I won’t be talking about stuff I have talked on in those, this time I will focus on how I find cheap readings from sources that not everybody has possibly found.

Some of these links are to websites that fully focus on Kindle content, even if you don’t have a Kindle you can use most of these with the free Kindle app for your phone/pad/computer (UK/US). With others you can choose the format yourself.

I start with two that  are the closest to the actual writers themselves:

Follow the blog, twitter or facebook (preferably all 3 of them) of a writer you like and possibly other writers that write in the same genre. Often writers will announce when their book goes free for a while on Amazon, B&N or Smashwords. Even if you don’t plan on reading these books at that exact moment, if they interest you pick up a copy as this might be the only chance you have to pick it up for free. I have picked up quite a lot of books from writers I like this way.

The next option is to become part of a group like eBook giveaways on Goodreads. These are places where writers can post links for when their books will go free for a while. You might not know these writers or their work but you might find that after picking up a copy you do really like it.

For both these sources I would say that leaving a review after you finished a book is not much to ask when you got it for free, is it?

The next ones are slightly less involved with the actual writers, but great places to pick up books:

For easy browsing you can use Smashwords where people have put their own book online. You can choose your own genre and then press “Free ebooks” and it will only give you the ones that are free, listed from the most recent added to the oldest. They also sometimes have promotions where they offer a whole list of books for free or reduced price, they had a huge one over summer and I expect they might do one again over winter.

Subscribe to book bloggers, some of them might make a deal with a writer they blog about and offer the book they write on for free for a short period of time, always nice to get a hold of, especially if they blog about a genre you like to read in and they might spark some interest in writers you didn’t know yet. Alchemy of Scrawl made a blogpost about book bloggers listing quite a vast amount of them here.

These last ones are further away from the writers themselves:

Both Project Gutenberg and Many Books offer books that are older, usually they have run out of copyright. If you know what you want I would go for Project Gutenberg but if you like to browse I’d go with Many Books they both offer quite a vast amount of books though they might not all be available at both places. Try it, I have found some interesting books for my uni course there and also just old books that I come across that sound interesting.

The last thing I would like to mention are the lists of free Kindle books that get updated once in a while. These are UK resources only. Kindle users forum updates it’s list every day at 9 in the morning though they don’t always have new books and I also follow Kinworm who apart from doing blog posts with a lot of information on the kindle also lists new free books when they are available. I use both of these sources quite a lot and amongst others have found a couple of best-sellers that were free for a short amount of days.

This is it for now! Have fun reading!


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NaNo 2011, Post 3, 23 days to go! Word counts, Tips & Tricks

I’ve actually started to slightly get together a plot, I’ve got characters (but they are still missing names 😉 ) and I’ve got… okay that is it 😉 So yeah, I’m going for a vampire story with a twist.

But today I’m not gonna be talking about my NaNo preparations, I’m going to be talking about how to make sure that you don’t suddenly end up with too few words on the last day of NaNo (which has happened before, so don’t freak out already), some ways to keep track of your word count and your to-do count and end with a couple of tips. Tip of the post program is Simon Hayes’ yWriter.

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NaNo 2011, Post 2, 31 days to go!

Whoa, it’s October 1…

I have a world, but no characters or a plot… Which is bad. The idea is fun but I think that if I don’t find a plot soon I might not be able to do this one.

On the other hand I’m not playing with a couple of characters for one or two stories about vamps. If plan 1 fails I might use them and create some weird thing about them. I do like vampires so that is not a problem but I would have liked a more original plan 😉


So, those are the less happy things…


For the happier things, I finished the second part of Black Sheep. Chapter 11 and 12 will be updated this Monday. And after that it will be updated every two weeks. So Black Sheep part two will be finished around the end of January next year. Enough time for me to plan NaNo in October, do NaNo in November and then relax in December 😉 See, enough time to then start planning part 3.

Which yes will be both more happy and more sad than part 2, but of course that is the thing about part 3s, they are supposed to have the best of all.


So my to do list for October includes:

– finalizing my Drama piece and get a second one going

– reading the books I need for class for November

– choose an essay question and get started on the essay outlay so I will only need to write it out when it comes around

– Write poems, which might be the least stressful of them all 😉


Oh and of course: PLAN NANO!!!!


(I just checked and apparently I already talked about this in the last post, which tells you that this is really on my mind right now >.<‘ )


So, the 3 ideas for NaNo are; Elementalists, Vampires or Magicians…

I think all might be fun but I’m lacking plot for all of them 😉


My gem for this post is this:

NANO Adoption forum

Here you can adopt characters, plots, first lines and all sorts of things for your story. I’ve been hanging around there trying to figure out a plot and just reading through it helps a lot.

Do mind that they will reset the forum on October 1 (or 10 this year, not sure about the forums).


Anyway, good luck plotting everybody!

Write on!



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