NaNo 2011, Post 1, 34 days to go!

28 Sep

So, first post for NaNo.

This is scary, I had totally forgotten about NaNo last year and tried to get the planning part done in the last couple of days, plus I changed to a different story on the first day, which had had no planning at all… EEEP >.<‘

I did about 3000 to 4000 words and just gave up. I was in my first year of uni, away from home (and home country), had a lot of work to do for my classes and was tired. Not a good way to start.


So this year I’m getting prepared.

The plan is this:

– Finish Black Sheep Part 2 before October 1. Almost done here, I’ve got 3 days left and 1800 words to go. This is doable.

– Do as much for uni work as possible in October. This means finishing up my first play, write the second one, read more books for Womans Writings and learn how to pick apart a poem. On top of that I need to write some more poems and start planning an essay.

– PLAN NANO! But only after I finish Black Sheep part 2. Right now I’m kind of cheating as I was not supposed to do anything NaNo before I finished BS but I’m just too exited.

I’m hoping I can kind of stick to this plan… Hoping being the important word. >.<‘


So as a gem of help I’ll share a fun writing program that I used last year for NaNo and have been using ever since for writing pieces where I should not be distracted at all.

Focus Writer

It’s really easy to use and has all sorts of pretty options, like being able to get all the bars out of the way and having a timer or a wordcount to set goals for the session. Also, you can change the background and the colour of the text. So even though it looks really simple you can change a lot and make it your own. Mine is a black background and green letters in a very blocky type. I like the ease of it on my mind. You can try what you like best!


See you next time!

Happy Writing!




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