Fun in the shower (gay erotica)[1st draft]

28 Jul
Fun in the shower
(draft 1)
I can see Damian through the shower curtain. He slowly takes off his top revealing the slim pale body with pierced nipples and then painstakingly slow takes of his skaterpants, wiggling his ass at me in the process. He stands to put his clothes away but I pull him in the shower and ravage his mouth, kissing his lips over and over again. As I come up for air I feel his teeth scrape my neck.
I pull back and give him a warning nip in his neck. “That’s my job Damian, don’t even try.”
Damian pushes against me defiantly and opens his mouth again, licking his lips while eyeing my neck. I can see the calculating look in his eyes and push him flat against the wall covering him with my body. From this position I can get a better grip on his neck. I bite down and slowly suck, bringing up a mark. He moans close to my ear and keeps my head in place with both of his hands. I reach to the side, grab the soap and slick my hands with it. I then move my hands over his body, slicking him, making him slippery against my own skin. Damian lets out a gasp as I move my hands to touch the inside of his thighs and clings to me as his legs give away. I move my hand around him and his breath starts to become laboured. I focus on his neck again, licking the mark before I move to make one next to the first. Damian groans, bucking up into my hand.
Suddenly the water turns ice cold and my mum calls from downstairs, “Matt, Damian, get out of the shower. You don’t need that long.”
Damian curses as I quickly turn off the shower. Damn, just as it was getting fun.
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Posted by on July 28, 2011 in Gay erotica, short story, writing


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