Manga and (fan)fiction

29 May

Sorry for the long break, was busy with uni before I lacked internet for about 2 weeks. So I’m back again with something I found when I could only use the uni library for a couple of hours every day. While looking around for things to read I found that it was hell to use manga websites on my kindle and I remembered a program someone advised for fanfiction.

Normally I use Mangafox to read manga online. There are multiple ways to navigate within the manga like the arrow buttons on your keyboard, clicking on the image of the page and the navigation buttons on the bottom of the page. On the kindle you can still click the image and use the navigation buttons but I rather just use faster buttons. Also constantly loading new pages can be a pain when you don’t have a fast connection. I found a program that will let me download the manga onto my laptop so I could put them on my kindle and read from there.
Manga originally are the same size as the kindle screen so you get everything you would get when reading the manga normally but now for manga’s that are fansubbed and usually not available to european or US people otherwise.
The program I use is called DomDomSoft Manga Downloader and has a free and a paid version. You don’t have to install it on your computer. Every time you use it you just boot the exe and it starts. You can fiddle with the options for a bit, I made a couple of changes to the way it saves the manga so it orders the right way when I read it (Kindle will read 01 and 1 differently, if not ordered the right way it will start reading 1 -> 10 -> 11 etc. so check that when you download). To create this I let the program sort all the files in one folder (image the amount of folders if you create a folder for each chapter when you have a manga with 100+ chapters), I use the chapter name as prefix so it neatly sorts all the chapters, I only kept chapter numbers so when the files are not named in the right way it will only use the chapter number and not use the name and I let it auto number the file names.
So the difficult part of the setup is done, you can also add some more of the manga websites to your manga list, they will have to load so do that before you start searching.
Okay, time to do the fun things with the program.

Choose the website you want to download from from the list of websites, or search a manga you want and go by the different websites to find who has the best version or the most chapters.

When you find what you want you double click on the name and a new screen will pop up.

You can add single chapters or all chapters at once, then move them to the other list with the >>> button and you can either choose a place to download it to or let it download to the place which you selected in the options screen. Then you push the green download button and wait till it is finished downloading.
Simple right?

Now the part just for the kindle. (Remember that the kindle does not like folders with more than 700 files, I made the mistake to have one manga of 5.000 files and it would not load. Just plit the folder in smaller ones so you don’t get the same problems I had)
Connect the kindle to the computer, go to the home folder of the kindle and create a new folder called pictures.

Drag and drop the folders with the anime into the pictures folder and unplug your kindle.
On the kindle use Alt+Z and the kindle will find the folders with the manga in them. You can now open them and they will open like a book, so you can use the side keys to go to the next page.
You can now read manga on your kindle. Easy πŸ˜‰

There is a lot of stuff out there that is not put out on the regular book places like the Amazon kindle website or Smashwords. I used to read a lot of stuff on and later on (original fiction) and there is great stuff out there for free, ofcourse some stuff is less than great, but that happens everywhere. Anyway, the website got a doable webversion but with a slow internet connection it is annoying anyway. Since it is not hard to put books on your kindle making them yourself is an option, though a pain in the ass when having to transfer 40 chapters to a file by hand every time you find something.
I found this program through a blog I follow, KinWorm(great place for Kindle help). She uses an older version of the program so I will make a short new tutorial how to work this program.
First thing you need is the program FanFictionDownloader and for those of us wanting to use the file on an ereader it is also handy to have Calibre on your computer. If you only want html output you don’t need Calibre, for any other output you will need it.
Install the program(s) and go to menu -> configurations and either tick the box which says to not use Calibre or go to the ebook-convert file in the Calibre folder as shown in the picture.

Choose the folder to where the file will be saved and check if you think the output name will be in the right format.
Next thing to do is to go to one of the supported websites and find the url. Then paste the url in the bar and let it check. Check if it sees all the chapters there are and choose the chapters you want. Select the format you want and then download it.

Now you can drag and drop the file to your kindle (or through Calibre). Easy and done.
The websites that FanFictionDownloader can use are:

So you can imagine I wasn’t bored even being without internet for two weeks.
Happy reading!



3 responses to “Manga and (fan)fiction

  1. Vivian Marie

    May 29, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    This is a fantastic post. I'm a huge manga and fanfic fan, so thank you for sharing! πŸ˜€ Very informative!

  2. KiaZiShiru

    May 31, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Glad to know you liked it πŸ™‚


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