[woman]Life From Scratch – Melissa Ford

25 Apr
A post-divorce book about how one has to redefine oneself when a big part of their lives fall apart. Though I think that everyone who has gone through a breakup of a long relationship can find herself in this character.
A book about growing up when you are supposed to be grown up.

This is what Amazon(UK) says about the book:
Divorced, heartbroken and living in a lonely New York apartment with a tiny kitchen, Rachel Goldman realizes she doesn’t even know how to cook the simplest meal for herself. Can learning to fry an egg help her understand where her life went wrong? She dives into the culinary basics. Then she launches a blog to vent her misery about love, life and her goal of an unburnt casserole.To her amazement, the blog’s a hit. She becomes a minor celebrity. Next, a sexy Spaniard enters her life. Will her souffles stop falling? Will she finally forget about the husband she still loves? And how can she explain to her readers that she still hasn’t learned how to cook up a happy life from scratch?
I thought about reading the book since I found it interesting how they would have pulled off the book and blog parts of the story but in the end I feel like it doesn’t really add as much but only gives quick time jumps so there is no need to put some aspects in the story itself. Nicely done but it is kinda bland.
The first thing that came to mind while reading is that I keep thinking of the main characters brother to be Harrison the brother of Tru from Tru Calling. I don’t know why, cause apart from both of them being slackers and always dropping by to much on their siblings food they don’t really have much in common. This didn’t really put me off as I did like Harrison and I also like Ethan.
The story of a woman trying to get her life back on track after a divorce is done over and over, especially these days but I think this story has a good point. If you used to define your life by your relationship and didn’t really have much of your own you will fall down deep. Rachel has a whole life but realized she needs more after her divorce. She does one thing that will set her apart from the girl she used to be when her parents took care of her and the woman she was when she was married, she learns how to cook.
Her Mum despised cooking and saw it as something no emancipated woman should ever do as others could do it for them and her husband made enough money that they could go out or have take out every night. Now that she took the year off from her work to find herself, she can’t go on living like that and decides that it might be a good way to both do something “rebellious” and make her money last.
Life from scratch follows Rachel in her struggle to learn how to make eggs, rice and all sorts of other things and at the same time get back into dating other people. She goes trough ups and downs and her insecurities about her own life when she compares it to all the other people she knows makes this story very catching.
A lovely womanly style of writing and a very “feel good” story. Every woman asks herself how others run their lives seemingly so easy and Rachel grows to the point where she grabs life and decides that instead of looking at other peoples lifes she will now make her own destiny.
And I think she accomplices that.
Life From Scratch on Amazon(UK) and Amazon(US)
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