[gay] Caged – Sean Michael

18 Apr

As I mentioned in a previous post this book is not as fast paced as some of this other work but it makes up for this by being very strong in language.

This is what Torquere Books says about the book:
Palin leads a well-ordered life, needing peace and quiet after spending his days working as an information broker, reading minds for money. Which is why Tigre seems like such a strange choice for him as a lover.

When Palin sees vala Tigre in one of his mindreading forays, he knows he has to have him, despite the fact that the man has been created for two purposes; fighting and pleasure. Together they build a new life, one of pleasure and pain, of love and discipline. When life threatens to tear them apart, they fight to keep the home they’ve created, even if the obstacles they must overcome are within as much as without.

Sean sets up a great story in a futuristic place where the rich live in large towering buildings overlooking the slumps. Palin, the main character is an information agent, someone who trades information, not regular information but information from someones mind. In one of the transactions the price the client, a friend, pays is a picture of a man he might have interest in. Palin wants the man immediately and goes down the tower to pick up this amazing man, a slave.
The whole book is built around how Palin tries to both befriend and stay the master of the slave, Tigre. This is all built on a very unstable, slow growing friendship between the two.
The bdsm in this book is part of the external struggle between master and slave but also the internal struggle of the slave and the master in their own lives.
 Where roughness was part of sex and the characters in Bite and Bitten here bdsm is part of a bigger structure and there are a lot of times where sex and bdsm are separate from each other. They might come from a play but it fills a different need than the soft and tender sex they have in other parts.
I loved how all the aspects of the book fit together nicely and are done with great precision.
Overall a book that people that love more kinky works should have read.
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