Rift, my first week of playing

10 Mar

So, I’ve had the game for about a week now. YAY!

I’ve got to admit it’s even better than expected.

I had a bit of a false start on Friday morning when I was supposed to pick up the game and the internet just gave out on me at home. So I picked up the game about half an hour later than I planned to and immediately went to class. There I unpacked Pokemon Black, which I had also pre-ordered, and in the 60 minutes I have between my two blocks of classes I went home and installed and updated the game. To start playing when I got home again.

high quality
Medium quality

I discussed with my boyfriend on what server we were going to play and then created my awesome Kelari mage. I kind of designed him on my mage I used to play on Warhammer online, though this guys looks way more awesome! I play a Warlock/Elementalist/Pyromancer which gives me an awesome pet for PvE and some amazing AOE spells for PvP.
Anyway, another false start was that I only had about 3 fps… and my laptop should be able to run a lot more than that. I got so fed up with it that after about 2 hours of this I stopped playing for a couple of hours… Sadly. My laptop should have no problem running this game on medium specs but apparently it did. (I also now know why, the internet at home is ****) I tried again a couple of hours later with the settings on very low and am now able to play around 6 to 10 fps. Not ideal but at least I can play this awesome game!

So… After all the doom and gloom let’s see what the game has had to offer. I will spice this up with a couple of screenshots from my own laptop on lowest of the lowest quality and some from my boyfriends desktop who runs ultimate of the ultimate quality.

This was fun, the options to create characters wasn’t as customizable as Runes of Magic (where you could choose boob size for woman) but good enough to create fun toons. Although I found the colours for the hair to be a bit pale sometimes but as it is I had some fun time creating my toon.



Classes is a whole different thing. You start by choosing one as your first quest, I (as did a lot of others) started out with one of the pet classes so we had some protection the first time on low levels, I chose Elementalist as he has the coolest pet. I’m a squishy robe wearer so a body of stone next to me is quite fun.
Before you reach level 8 you can choose two other classes to go with your first one and you’re set to go to the first “real” zone.
Around level 13 you can go to the main city (around which you will have quests by that time) and pick up quests to unlock other classes. To fulfill every quest you will have to close one rift and defeat a character from the chosen class, not to fear, you can summon this character from an item they gave you and it will be your level.
Not that hard right?
Around that same time I started doing pvp so I bought a role from my trainer to put some new classes in there which do more (aoe) damage and which have health and mana regeneration during fights. Which comes in handy as not all healers feel like squishy classes like mages are worth healing that much. But more on this later.

Mobs are good to fight, pretty doable. They sometimes spawn a bit too fast but that might mainly be because of the high amount of people in the low level areas at this moment.
But that is not what everybody is waiting for, I know.

They are… Awesome!
When you uncover parts of the map you will be able to see the rifts that spawn on those spots, also tears but I don’t have a picture of that.
If you get close to a rift you will either become a party when people walk into it after you or you can join a party when others are already playing the rift. The rifts are multiple staged events and as you walk into one you will be able to see at what stage you are and what the objects are you have to do to get to the next stage. This usually follows the pattern of mobs, mobs + champion, elite. It can run through multiple of these stages after oneother, depending on how big the rift is and how big the group is you’re closing the rift with. Mobs in rifts are usually a bit stronger than the normal mobs you encounter at the same level and champions and elites are quite a bit stronger. But it has to stay a challenge to complete them ofcourse.
I closed a couple of minor rifts on my own when no-one was around but for me this was only possible if I was a couple of levels above the mob levels, otherwise they were too overwhelming to kill all.

There are two other dynamic contents that have to do with Rifts, one are invasions and the other are Zone Wide Events.
Invasions are small groups of mobs, usually a couple of regular ones combined with a champion, that will come from footholds or rifts and will try to take over a town or city. They show on the map as being two crossed swords and when you hover over them you can see where they will be going.
I have run into a couple of them and usually kill them off as they do give you a bit of exp and some loot.

my char at lvl 15 before my great overhaul of skills, this is a picture from a Zone Wide Event (chaos)

Zone Wide Events are possibly even more amazing than regular rifts. They basically are rifts, invasions and a HUGE boss monster combined. You will hear some odd line a couple of minutes before one spawns, right enough time to form groups and get all your healing items in check (or complete some last minute quests).
You will get a “quest accepted” notice and you will see a quest pop up on the side of the screen.
A quest like the one above will show up and you will have to complete these as a zone. The wardstones are the stones in all the small towns that you run into and you have to protect these from the invasions. You can see on the map which of these are in the most danger and just kill off all the invasions you encounter on the way.

After you have completed these parts of the quest a new one will show up saying “kill this boss” and a sort of skull with two hammers below it will show you where the boss is.
This part of the game is such an adrenaline rush. You will run all over the field, close rifts and defeat the boss and everyone will be right there along side you.

PvP, or in my case warfronds, are fun to do. You can join them from anywhere on the map as soon as you reach the required level (10).
I felt amazing doing them as a mage. I got killed a lot, I am squishy thank you, but that never really ruins the fun for me. I did feel that although I’m a mage people didn’t always heal me, only on later levels was I able to get some healing spells on my character and now I don’t need to get healed that much any more luckily. I have two spells that consume charge, one I can only use outside combat and will give me mana regeneration and the other I can use in combat and will heal me. I also have a spell to convert health into mana which I occasionally do use because I can heal myself quickly afterward.
I haven’t seen a lot of other mages in PvP and especially not a lot of AOE mages (which is what I play). I’ve been near the top on damage, death and kills quite a couple of times since I got my AOE spell and feel like this is very fun to play.

Overall the experience has been amazing! Everything went smooth, I haven’t found any bugs or glitches and the community is amazing!
Just one last thing I would like to get out there. Please people, build economy, use the auctioneer and do put stuff back into it after you bought stuff, even if it’s something else. I am one of those people who’s main income in a game is the economy and selling stuff at the auctioneer.



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