Rift – continued

02 Mar

Today Rift came out in the US, about 7 hours ago the official launch was started.
The channel Syfy is broadcasting 15, 30 and 60 second comercials for it all day, among other things.
This seems to become a really big thing.

Alas, I’m in the EU so I’ll have to wait for another couple of days.
But that doesn’t mean I can’t make another blog about some things I heard about after the last one I wrote.

Artifacts and collections
You can collect artifacts and other items to exchange for loot. YAY!
This can be done in rifts but also when you wander around the area. I’m someone who loves to just explore the place, not even fight monsters but to find all the hidden gather spots and stuff like that. For me this has just become a lot more interesting.
I can’t find if you can turn in one collection multiple times but I would guess so.
The reward is a bag of stuff, it holds Lucky Coins(s) and/or other rewards. As far as I’ve heard the rewards can range from a couple of potions to blue and purple items.
Lucky coins can later be traded for mounts and vanity items.

Zone Wide Event
Sometimes the whole zone will be in trouble, rifts will spawn everywhere, spitting out monster after monster. They will take over towns and destroy everything.
The whole zone will have to work together to close all these rifts. Making this one of the biggest badass events you can find.
There will be monsters en bosses spawning all over the place. So cool!
This vid will show more:

Not a lot of stuff this time. Sorry, but I didn’t want to not mention both of these things I had found.


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