[teen] Pretty Little Liars – Sara Shepard

26 Feb

As the second book to post here I’ll write a bit about the book Pretty Little Liars where the tvseries of the same name is based on. I have been watching the series for a while now, my own guilty little pleasure, and I couldn’t wait to see what was going on in the series. So I decided to start reading the books.
The series are pretty well done, very strong, but the books are better. Nothing unusual about that, though some events happen differently in the series than in the books, there was a bit of getting used to the change of events, but nothing major.

The book of upper-class, seemingly goody-goody girls with a twist, very catchy.

This is what Amazon says about the book:

In the exclusive Philadelphia suburb of Rosewood, Alison is the Queen Bee of her elite seventh grade hive. BFs Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily vie for her attention, even as each of them hides a hideous secret only Alison knows. So when Alison goes missing after a slumber party, never to be seen again, each girl is heartbroken, but also a little relieved. Now it is three years later, and though the four girls have grown apart, they are each still hiding something. Artsy Aria is carrying on an affair with one of her teachers, fashionista Hanna shoplifts to accessorize her trendy outfits, blue-blood Spencer is sleeping with her older sister’s boyfriend, while straight-A Emily is trying to ignore her attraction to a new female classmate. When the girls begin receiving threatening text messages and emails that from someone known only as “A,” they must confront the fact that against all odds, it appears Alison is back. Could Alison still be alive? And if so, why is she so determined to uncover all their dirty little secrets?

After watching the series for a bit I sort of knew what to expect of the series, or so I thought. The book was catchy, not by subject but by writing style. The style is very engaging and keeps pulling you along, I had a very hard time putting the book down.
The girls are lovable, all of them blessed with a type of girl-teen angst. It is all about being the best, competing with others, falling in and out of love and so much more.
But for these girls there is a bigger secret out there, bigger than who they are dating, how they transformed or what they do behind their sisters back… There is  “The Jenna Thing” for example. And the only one who knows all has disappeared, the queen bee, Alison.
Three years after her disappearance the girls get messages from a mysterious A who seems to know all their secrets. Not only that but they always seem to arrive at the moment that their present life and their past secret seem to overlap somehow. This creeps the girls out but they keep it to themselves, afraid that talking to the other girls might seem crazy.
This is until they find Alison back, suddenly the other girls seem the only sane option to talk to.

After reading the first book I had to start on the second book. The tension seems to pull me along really nice and the second book seems promising as it starts out with another flashback of Alison and I really love those moments.
You can find the books on Amazon(UK) and Amazon(US).

Happy Reading!


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